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5/24/2017 Ticket Purchase
all on line so it was ok
5/24/2017 Ticket Purchase
5/20/2017 Ticket Purchase
some what good website: clear information. received my e-cards within the promised period. i send a mail today regarding why my name is printed on all of the purchased tickets though and hope to hear soon.
5/19/2017 Ticket Purchase
Excellent pricing and offers! I accidently added (and paid) for the wrong Universal Studios tickets and called to change them. First, I received immediate response (no waiting). Then, the change was simple and quick. I would use them again!
5/18/2017 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
Quick and easy and got our tickets really fast... Thanks..
5/17/2017 Ticket Purchase
Everything I wanted...and more.
5/15/2017 Hotel Booking
A very nice gentleman helped me and did a great job
5/15/2017 Ticket Purchase
Very easy to follow and get the tickets I wanted. Quick response after the purchase and now have e-tickets in hand.
5/14/2017 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
Es muy buena la atención
5/9/2017 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
They were very helpful with all my questions about the places we wanted to go, prices and if we wanted to find something a lower. I called many times about different options they always were polite and helpful
5/8/2017 Ticket Purchase
Helpful but the staff need to be informed about the events they reserve tickets. real life experience of the places and hotels would be helpful
5/8/2017 Ticket Purchase
This was the easiest site to use! After searching literally over 20 other sites, this one has EVERYTHING all on 1 site....and the prices on everything I purchased were cheaper than ALL the other sites I looked at! There is no gimmick, no sales pitch you have to sit through, just put in your dates and pick your pleased! I will be back to this site for future vacations!
5/8/2017 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
Quick friendly service, answered questions, understandable
5/8/2017 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
This was a super easy site to use, we were able to see several options and pricing, everything was pretty clear on the website (make sure to expand options on the hotels to see any hidden fees, but they are listed!), and we got everything pretty quickly via email. I would definitely use this site again!
4/30/2017 Ticket Purchase
I really thought I was purchasing my tickets from the SeaWorld website, so I was surprised to find out I did not. I ordered my tickets in the morning and did not get a confirmation email until late that night.
4/28/2017 Ticket Purchase
I bought the tickets online. The website was easy to navigate and addressed the frequently asked questions very well.
4/27/2017 Ticket Purchase
Awesome! Site was so easy to navigate & very user friendly.
4/26/2017 Ticket Purchase
It was friendly and easy.
4/23/2017 Ticket Purchase
over all very good
4/22/2017 Ticket Purchase
The process was easy and when I called with questions they were answered efficiently and effectively Would definitely recommend this company

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