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WonderWorks Announces Mindball Challenge Exhibit

Let the mind games begin. International Drive’s upside down attraction WonderWorks, unveils “Mindball” the latest exhibit to challenge visitors’ minds.

Mindball is a game that goes against the conventional competitive concept. Instead of activity and adrenalin, Mindball relies on calmness to measure a participants’ success. The goal is to be more relaxed than your opponent in order to move a physical ball away from you into your opponent’s goal. Ultimately winning by relaxing!

This same technology is used as a training tool for cadets at The United Stated Military Academy at West Point. Officers are trained not only to be alert but also to control their thought process and remain calm in high-pressure situations. Mindball records and examines participants’ brain waves. In a battle of the minds, the participant who is able to achieve the level of least stress wins.

Mindball is a self-contained table top gaming experience. On the table top a rubber-coated steel ball is moving back and forth during the game. The players wear headbands containing electrodes which are constantly measuring the participants’ brains’ EEG (Electroencephalogram is an electrical waveform that is recorded from the brain by using electrodes placed on the head) activities. Players use their Alpha and Theta brainwaves to control the rubber-coated steel ball allowing them to push the ball across the table with their mind into their opponent’s goal and score a point. Alpha and Theta waves are strongest when a person is calm and relaxed, or concentrating intently.

The players and the audience can follow the mental process during a game as the players’ brain wave activity is presented graphically on a 52-inch monitor. Mindball is an exciting and social game where the audience is also part of the experience.

About WonderWorks
The WonderWorks attraction is an “amusement park for the mind,” combining education and entertainment in over 100 hands-on exhibits that will spark the imagination and stimulate the mind. Visitors to the attraction will enjoy a variety of experiences including feeling the magnitude of a 5.3 earthquake, being blown away by 65 mile per hour hurricane-force winds, maneuvering the controls of a NASA spacecraft to land the shuttle, lying on a bed of 3,500 nails, piloting a fighter jet, designing and riding a 360 degree virtual roller coaster. Special features include lazer-tag and The Outta Control Dinner Show. WonderWorks first opened in 1998 and now has a second location in Pigeon Forge, TN which opened in 2006.

Information courtesy of WonderWorks



  1. I have visited the one in Pigeon Forge as well and had a great time. My friends and I spent over two hours playing all of the interactive games and activities and still didn't do it all!

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