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Wet ‘n Wild Orlando Announces High-Speed Race Ride for Summer 2014

Are you a water ride thrill seeker? Then, Wet ‘n Wild has fantastic news for you! A high-speed race awaits you at the Orlando waterpark this summer. It will be the tallest and fastest of its kind in Florida. The Aqua Drag Racer will be six stories tall and propel guests through four lanes of head-to-head competition at fifteen feet per-second before splashing them across the finish line.

When you ride you’ll take your mark, get set and go full throttle towards an adrenaline rush. Then power through enclosed braided, twisting tunnels as they accelerate into four parallel racing lanes. They will gain even more speed before rushing toward the finish line. The Aqua Drag Racer is designed to be the wettest and wildest high-speed drag race ever.“The new Aqua Drag Racer will pull guests into a high-speed thrill ride unlike any other around,” said Michael Black, Sr. Vice President & GM of Wet ‘n Wild. “This ride combines friendly competition along with the excitement of sharing the rush with family and friends.”

I can’t wait to race this summer at Wet ‘n Wild Orlando! Will you be one of the first in line?
Wet ‘n Wild sets the standard for thrills and over-the-top excitement – offering world-class attractions to thrill-seekers of all ages. Families can share a wide variety of waterpark adventure, with more than fifteen themed rides and attractions and more multi-person rides than any other waterpark in Central Florida.

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