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Universal Studios Spider Man Attraction Gets Revamped

The Amazing Adventures of Spider Man at Universal Studios is getting reanimated using 4K digital HD. The 3D projection system will be by Infitex and the new reanimation will once again redefine the Universal Orlando Resort theme park experience.
The revamped Spider Man attraction is set to open in 2012.
The new digital animation will transform what is already considered one of the most technologically advanced attraction to feel like an all-new experience.

A few of the highlights include:

• The new HD animation will allow guests to experience unique details such as flames spewing from Hobgoblin’s pumpkins to electricity arching through Electro’s body to the stitching on Spider Man’s gloves.

• Riders will experience a new clarity of detail, which means the Universal Orlando creative team is adding new elements to the attractions riders will discover in a whole new way.

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