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Thirteen Evils Come Out to Play at Busch Gardens’ Howl-O-Scream

On the thirteenth year every century, evil comes out to play. Thirteen evils, to be exact. Come in to Busch Gardens’ Howl-O-Scream – they’ve been expecting you.  On select nights from September 27 through October 26, Tampa’s most thrilling theme park puts the terror back in Halloween. 

What are the 13 evils waiting for you at Busch Gardens Tampa?  The theme park has unveiled each evil, one by one, adding to the anticipation of what to expect at annual Howl-O-Scream bash.  Ten of the thirteen evils known so far include:

  • #1: The Possessed
  • #3:  The Hunter
  • #4: The Butcher
  • #5: The Banshee
  • #6: Voodoo Queen
  • #7: The Surgeon
  • #9: The Zombie
  • #10: The Cannibal
  • #12: The Hangman
  • #13: The Clown
Stay tuned to find out which evils are lurking behind doors #2, #8 and #11. 

Four Haunted Houses have already been revealed for BuschGardens Howl-O-Scream.

  • Death Water Bayou: Deep in the bayou the #6 Voodoo Queen mystically transforms lost wanderers into her minions of evil with black magic. Here, her night servants roam with a zombie-like hunger and seek to grow her collection. The darkest evils lurk in shadows. Get out before you fall victim to her spell.
  • The Basement:  From Momma’s secret ingredient to Granny’s bone-ground flour, Momma’s Meats’ award-winning recipe has always been a family affair that’s only created in the Basement.  Escape the depths of the Basement before she and #4 Butcher turn you in to the secret sauce! She always said it took blood, sweat and tears!
  • Circus of Superstition 3D: You’ve tried to avoid black cats and sidewalk cracks, but all those years of bad luck caught up with you!  The #13 Clown challenges you to survive 13 superstitions in their 3-D Tent of Terror, but it will take more than luck to escape his whole new dimension of fear.
  • Zombie Mortuary:  No one remembers how the epidemic started, but now, the #9 Zombie and his undead friends live here. They infest this small town funeral home and feed on the fresh flesh and brains of mortuary mourners to satisfy their insatiable hunger. Avoid the walking dead or you may find yourself deeper than six feet under.
Howl-O-Scream tickets are on sale now.  The event is featured Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.  Operating hours are 7:30pm to 1:00am on Thursday nights, with hours extended until 2am on Friday and Saturday nights.  If you purchase tickets now, you can receive single-day admission for only $47.  Going with a group of friends?  Then, tickets are as low as $30. 
Join the scare-a-bration at Busch Gardens this fall!

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