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The Simpsons Ride Brings New Twists to Universal Orlando Resort

If you haven’t been to Universal Studio in Florida for the past year or two, you might not realize that the classic Back to the Future simulator ride is gone. On the flipside, if you’re an Orlando local, you probably know all too well, courtesy of the flurry of commercials that took over television for several weeks.

If you wander out to that corner of the park, you’ll now be greeted by Krustyland instead of Doc Brown’s research facility. Indeed, there is a cartoon in the queue line that explains just how the Doc lost his facility to Krusty. You can still occasionally find him hanging out by his DeLorean, which has been moved to an area closer to Finnegan’s.

Because it is a simulator, the Simpsons Ride is suitable for most ages and ride-tolerance levels. It’s much smoother than the old herky-jerky Back to the Future, although it can still be a bit whiplash induced, especially if you’re sitting in the back row. But overall it’s a fun experience for Simpsons fans and pretty much anyone else who enjoys a good simulator experience.

As the storyline goes, you are joining the Simpson family as the first riders on a new ride at Krustyland. Unfortunately, the perpetually homicidal Sideshow Bob is hot on their trail and trying to kill everyone. You’ll run through everything from a roller coaster to a water ride to a giant drop. The effects are particularly convincing, even the roller coaster loop (don’t worry, you don’t really go upside down), and there are sensory effects thrown in for good measure.

This ride can be a slow loader, as you’re counted off to wait in designated sections, then sent to a designated room to wait for your simulator car. Fortunately, there is plenty of entertainment in the form of cartoons on various monitors and detailing sets like food stands, carnival game booths, and the like. If you are staying at an onsite hotel or have purchased an Express Pass, your wait will be cut down considerably.

Back to the Future was a classic, but the Simpsons are worthy successors. Enjoy their new ride, and keep an eye out as you’re walking through the park. You might just catch Bart, Lisa, Homer, and Marge hanging out for a photo opportunity.

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