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The Legend of Jack Sparrow Sails into Disney World

Are you ready to experience The Legend of Jack Sparrow?  Opening December 6, 2012, at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, this new attraction immerses guests in an interactive experience where guests can join forces with other pirates to bathe Davy Jones, the Kraken and even mermaids. 

Photo Credit: Disney World
During the show visitors will be taken on a journey with Jack Sparrow, in which you’ll be able to relive his greatest moments form the “Pirates of the Caribbean” film series.  The walk-through attraction begins in a small room that features a talking skull.  The skull dares visitors to enter and see if they are ready for a pirate adventure.  After saying yes, you enter a grotto area full of treasure when you are surrounded by pirates, sirens and well-known characters from the “Pirates” films.  A giant pirate skull continues to guide you throughout the eight-minute adventure, giving you the instructions you need to be a pirate too.  Captain Jack Sparrow is featured in the climax of the show, as he leads you into battle against Davy Jones and the Flying Dutchman. 
The 360-degree environment creates an engaging show, with the sights and sounds of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise coming to life right before your eyes.
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