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The Grand Reef at SeaWorld’s Discovery Cove Now Open

Discovery Cove, the Sea World world-class aquatic park, has opened The Grand Reef inOrlando. This all-new area features multiple levels of exploration, including everything from white sandy beaches with shallow water to a helmet dive adventure.

One of the highlights of The Grand Reef are the snorkeling opportunities available. Many of the areas of the reed are only a few feet deep, making it a safe environment for families. Unique elements like reef sharks and lionfish safely stationed further out in the reef create an authentic atmosphere. There are also paths and bridges to the reefs grotto that provide different access points.

SeaVenture is the exciting new helmet dive adventure that provides guests a whole new look at life under the sea. Guests will go on a walking tour while wearing dive helmets through the reef, which will include elements like schools of fish, rays and other unique sea creatures.

Discovery Cove tickets provide a one-of-a-kind aquatic experience.


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