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Swing by Universal Orlando to Experience the Amazing Adventures of Spider Man

If you haven’t been able to swing by Universal OrlandoResort and take a ride on the recently enhanced Amazing Adventures of Spider Man ride, you are missing out! 
The ride, located at the Islands of Adventure section of the Orlando park, has been reanimated using 4K digital high-definition.  The ride, which combines motion vehicles, a towering screen and special effects, was reanimated in digital high-definition 3-D and got updated sets, sound system, lighting and music. Multitudes of new details and gimmicks have been added to the ride as well, creating an entirely new experience for park-goers.  Some of the scenes, including the high-flying finale sequence, have been completely overhauled, adding to the “new attraction” experience.
The story of the Amazing Adventures of Spider Man remains the same – pitting the title character against a gaggle of goons, including Doctor Octopus, Scream, Electro, Hydro-Man and the Hobgoblin.  The in-your-face effects are in full force with the Hobgoblin’s flaming pumpkin and during the fire and water sequences.  Plus, the high-quality visuals have so much attention to detail it’s hard to differentiate between a real prop and stage projection.   Fans can even look forward to seeing Stan Lee, creator of Spider Man, appearing during the attraction.  Supposedly he appears three times, so watch out for him!
With the purchase of discount Universal Orlando tickets, you can experience this attraction and so much more.  All things entertainment, including The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, are available at Universal Orlando.

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