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Sum of All Thrills Premieres at Disney World

Walt Disney World in Orlando revealed a new attraction, Wednesday, October 14th, at Epcot. The new attraction is called “Sum of All Thrills,” and is a small but significant addition as it features first-of-its-kind simulators that allow guests to design – then ride – their own roller coasters, bobsleds and jet planes. The Disney attraction has robotic arms that loft riders to through the air. It robotic arms were developed by German robotics company KUKA Aktiengesellschaft.

The “Sum of All Thrills” was created to be an experience for kids, as they must use math and science principles to design the thrill rides they will experience. The goal of the attraction is to get more children interested in learning about math and science. The robotic arms can move in multiple directions at once because they rotate on six different axes, which create a smooth ride. It is located inside one of Epcot’s Innoventions pavilions.

The launch of this attraction is interesting as it offers a glimpse of the technology that will be used on the main ride at Universal’s highly anticipated Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Universal Orlando Resort has kept most of the details of The Forbidden Journey of Harry Potter ride a secret. However, construction documents on file show they are working with a company that builds robotic arms based on KUKA arms. The Universal attraction will be a much more lavish experience than “Sum of All Thrills.” Universal’s ride is expected to be a type of “robocoaster” in which the robot arms advance along a track as they swivel riders in various directions. The bases of the robot arms at “Sum of All Thrills” are in a fixed place.

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