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Star Wars Weekends Returns to Disney Hollywood Studios

Star Wars Weekends returns to Disney Hollywood Studios at Disney World in Orlando on select weekends starting May 21. This annual special event celebrates the Star Wars saga and is a special treat for Star Wars fans of all ages. Jedi Masters, Sith Lords and Star Wars celebrities will be on hand for special shows, presentations and memorabilia.

The Jedi Training Academy will be available to younglings who want to hone their light saber skills, while other visitors may prefer to board the Star Tours attraction, where they’ll experience a runaway Starspeeder. Trivia contests, parades, autograph sessions and more will all celebrate the legacy of Star Wars.

Each day of the Star Wars Weekends ends with the Hyperspace Hoopla Show, where music, comedy and dancing take center stage.

The 2010 dates for Star Wars Weekends:

May 21-23
May 28-30
June 4-6
June 11-13

Star Wars Weekends events are included with regular admission to the Disney Hollywood Studios Theme park. Purchase your Disney tickets today!

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