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SeaWorld’s 50th Anniversary a Sea of Surprises

Join SeaWorld as they celebrate 50 years of family fun! The Orlando aquatic park is throwing an 18thmonth long celebration in honor of their anniversary, bringing a wave of entertainment with them! Read on to find out more about SeaWorld’s 50th Anniversary Celebration.

An all-new Shamu Show will deliver a splash of excitement this summer. Debuting June 21, “Shamu’s Celebration: Light Up the Night” will replace Shamu Rocks. A Surprise Squad will handout prizes and surprises throughout the park. Visitors will be randomly awarded prizes ranging from free front-of-the-line ride passes and Shamu plush toys to beluga-whale interactions. Animal encounters are getting the spotlight during the event, too. The park is providing even more ways for guests to interact with aquatic life. Animal ambassadors are a key element of SeaWorld, and during the anniversary event guests will be able to meet more multi-generational ambassadors. Seasonal spectaculars like firework finales will also be amped up for the celebration.

Finding your way around SeaWorld Orlando will be even more fun, with paths throughout the park filled with bubbles. Yes, bubbles! A mobile lab vehicle, manned by an eccentric inventor, creates the bubbles and will be popping up all over the park. A Splash Dance is also taking over the streets of SeaWorld. Featuring slapstick comedy, juggling and more, it will have you smiling throughout your day in Orlando.

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