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SeaWorld Unveils New Reef for Discovery Cove

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment has unveiled a new addition for its Orlando theme park. A saltwater environment dubbed “Grand Reef” is planned for Discovery Cove in Orlando. This is the first significant expansion at Discovery Cove, a 10-year old boutique park that specializes in marine life and interactive experiences. Discovery Cove caps its attendance at about 1,000 people per day, allowing it to offer resort-style pampering and personalized encounters with animals. The park gets a lot of repeat visitors, and this expansion will give them something new to explore.
The 2.5 acre Grand Reef will be a lush tropical environment with a white sand beach, underwater grottos and a palm-tree lined island. It will be built around an aquarium filled with more than 1 million gallons of water and 125 species of fish, rays and sharks. Guests will be able to wade and snorkel with the tropical fish, cross a rope bridge over a shark-filled lagoon and relax on the island’s hammocks.
There will also be an underwater walking tour name “Sea Venture” in which guests will wear dive helmets and follow a submerged path 10 feet below the surface. The “Sea Venture” experience will cost an additional $59 on top of Discovery Cove admission. The underwater tour will last about an hour.

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