SeaWorld and Busch Gardens
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SeaWorld and Busch Gardens: How to Experience the Best of Both Parks + Enter to WIN an Exclusive Access Vacation Package

SeaWorld and Busch Gardens are world-class theme parks bursting with exceptional things to do. From engaging animal experiences to exceptional rides and entertaining shows, these attractions make it easy for families to reconnect and make unbelievable memories.

You may be familiar with both of these parks but you’d be surprised at just how much each has to offer. With that in mind, we’re going to guide you through a SeaWorld and Busch Gardens family vacation. Along the way, you’ll discover why these parks are real, amazing and full of more fun than you ever could’ve imagined!

We’ve also teamed up with SeaWorld and Busch Gardens to offer an exceptional, one-of-a-kind getaway. After reading through this helpful guide, enter to WIN an exclusive vacation package to both parks featuring behind-the-scenes experiences. Tickets for a family of four are included as is a two-night hotel stay. (Scroll to the end of this article to enter!)

SeaWorld and Busch Gardens

SeaWorld Orlando

When you think of SeaWorld Orlando, you probably picture Shamu. But there’s so much more to this theme park! Home to thrilling rides, upbeat shows, interactive exhibits and immersive encounters, this Orlando attraction strives to not only showcase aquatic life but bring a larger sense of purpose to its visitors. In fact, the park’s mission is for people to “See it here. Save it there.” Hopefully, by spending a day at SeaWorld you’ll be inspired to protect our planet and its creatures one conservation effort at a time.

How does SeaWorld Orlando hope to inspire you? By providing a one-of-a-kind look at ocean life that takes you below the surface and to the forefront of aquatic exploration.

Busch Gardens Tampa

Part thrill park. Part zoo. Totally awesome! To say Busch Gardens Tampa is a unique theme park is an understatement. Where else can you be speeding through the skies on a coaster at one moment, then be face to face with a gorilla minutes later? This park artfully combines traditional theme park experiences with zoo-style exhibits. As a result, it’s a favorite of families who want to explore more on their Orlando vacation.

Make the Most of Your Time at SeaWorld and Busch Gardens

To help you make the most of your SeaWorld and Busch Gardens tickets, use these easy-to-follow tips.

Arrive Early

Sure, everyone likes to sleep on vacation. But don’t sleep in too late as you’ll want to get to the park when it opens to ensure you have enough time to experience all this park has to offer. Of course, the SeaWorld and Busch tickets you purchase from Reserve Orlando are gate-ready. So, all you have to do is print and go straight to the gate.

SeaWorld and Busch Gardens

Grab a Map

Upon arrival, be sure to grab a map. This map will be the key to making your day a success. Not only will it help you navigate the park, it also has helpful information like show times and rides information printed on the back.

Purchase Quick Queue Passes

You’re on vacation. That means your time should be spent having fun, not waiting in line! As such, purchasing Quick Queue passes means you’ll gain front-of-the-line access to SeaWorld’s most popular rides including:

  • Mako™
  • Manta®
  • Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin®
  • TurtleTrek®
  • Journey to Atlantis®
  • Wild Arctic®

At Busch Gardens Tampa, Quick Queue gives you front-of-the-line access at these popular rides:

  • Falcon’s Fury®
  • Cheetah Hunt®
  • SheiKra®
  • Montu®
  • Kumba®
  • Cobra’s Curse®
  • Scorpion®
  • Stanley Falls Flume®
  • SandSerpent
  • Xongo River Rapids®

Please note you can only use Quick Queue once per ride.

SeaWorld and Busch Gardens

Select Signature Seating

SeaWorld is a combination thrill park and aquatic park. As a result, rides aren’t the only main attraction—so are the shows! With that in mind, it’s helpful to select Signature Seating to ensure you have the absolute best experience at their world-class entertainment options. Signature Seating allows you to receive a reserved seat at shows including:

  • One Ocean®
  • Dolphin Days
  • Pets Ahoy®
  • Sea Lion High

As a result, with Signature Seating, you can keep having fun right up until showtime (or at least 15 minutes before showtime). No need to stop the fun to save seats! (Total bonus.)

Discover Dining Deals

All of this exploring is sure to work up an appetite. Luckily, SeaWorld and Busch Gardens makes it easy to satisfy that hunger with their all-day dining deals. With this upgrade, you can eat and drink all day as often as once every hour for one low price. Plus, I’m not sure if you know this but the food at SeaWorld Orlando is actually really good. Theme park food has a bad reputation but the chefs at SeaWorld have crafted menus that strive (and succeed) to offer food that’s not only delicious but nutritious. (Shhh…don’t tell the kids!)

Over at Busch Gardens, you can pay once and enjoy delicious meals and exclusive benefits throughout the day. In addition, it allows for buy one, get one free offers on all snacks, bottled soda, beer and wine all day long.

SeaWorld and Busch Gardens

Go Behind the Scenes

How can you make your day at SeaWorld even better? Go behind the scenes on one of their exclusive tours. During these experiences, you engage with trainers and get an up-close with some furry, finned or flippered friends. Whether you get to touch a shark or pet a penguin, you’ll come away with a whole new understanding of what makes SeaWorld one of the leading zoological care facilities on the planet.

In addition to Behind the Scenes Tours, I recommend reserving up-close encounters with your favorite animal. Whether you’re a fan of sharks, dolphins, sea lions or penguins, SeaWorld has an up-close encounter that will get you thisclose to the action.

Busch Gardens also offers exceptional up-close and behind the scenes tours featuring animals such as tigers, elephants and more. The most popular option is the Serengeti Safari. I can tell you from experience this tour is incredible. As you trek across 65 acres in an open-air touring vehicle, you’ll gain unobstructed access to animals. Led by an expert guide, the Serengeti Safari tour provides a truly memorable look at exotic animals like zebras, rhinos, and antelopes. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to feed a giraffe during the experience. And, trust me, it’s just as amazing as it sounds!

SeaWorld and Busch Gardens

Getting There

As SeaWorld is in the heart of Orlando, it’s easy to access. However, Busch Gardens, with a location in Tampa, requires a little bit more planning as far as transportation goes. If you don’t have a car (or don’t feel like driving!), you can opt to take the Busch Gardens Shuttle Express. Plus, transportation is complimentary with any purchased Busch Gardens admission ticket. Keep in mind, though, reservations are highly recommended due to demand.

Two Parks, One Incredible Vacation

By combining SeaWorld and Busch Gardens during your Orlando vacation, you’re creating a one-of-a-kind theme park vacation for your family. Not only will you be able to discover classic theme park fun like roller coasters, you’ll gain access to remarkable animal experiences that take you above and beyond the typical zoo or aquarium.

Need even more insight? Be sure to follow these Busch Gardens tips for the best day ever as well as these expert SeaWorld tips.

Now, you’re ready to take your family on a memorable vacation full of fun and adventure. We’ll see you at the parks!

SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Exclusive Access Vacation Giveaway


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  1. I have never been to Sea World but I love Busch Gardens. Me and my daughter love thrill rides but my husband and son can’t handle them. Since Busch Gardens has all of the animals and animal experiences it keeps the boys busy and entertained while us girls are riding all of the rides.

  2. I would be elated to win tickets to either amusement park. To spend one solid day on rides would be exhilarating!

  3. My family has never been here. We are going to Knotts Berry Farm for the first time next month, my kids would luv to go here. They are 9 and 12 and finally going on our first family trip. This would be great to win

  4. I would love to have my husband and boys experience this! I went when I was a little girl- it is something I have never forgotten, and it would be amazing to share this with them!

  5.  They researched and identified local bird, mammal, insect, and aquatic wildlife species and created neighborhood habitat maps. Because their school gardens provided wildlife with food, water, cover, and place to raise their young, classes also certified them as National Wildlife Federation Schoolyard Habitats.

  6. the rides and animals are a great combination. You can take a break from one and do the other for a while. Great for kids and kids at heart.

  7. Seeing the animals has always been my number one fave. I haven’t been since high school. It looks like they have added so much! The rides look amazing!!!

  8. I’ve never been to Seaworld. I always wanted to take my kids, now in their 30’s. Maybe I’ll be able to take my 7yr old grandson?

  9. my fave part is all the adventure you can take and the experience you can have with your family and the dolphins is the best

  10. Was just there in Dec. 2017…. First time in a long time that I visited SeaWorld (since the kids were young – now married with kids of their own). I love it now as much as I did thirty years ago!

  11. I’ve been to SeaWorld once- when my daughter was 5- she’s 30 now! I moved to Tampa from Maryland almost 3 years ago- and I haven’t been back to SeaWorld yet! I’d love to get back there again!

  12. For me it would be the Dophins! I would love to see the Seaworld show with them. I have never been there and hope that one day I will make it! Nice Blog and lots of informations! Thank you!!!

  13. My favorite thing about sea world is their is so much to do at one place so your going to find something there for everyone.

  14. Would love to share the joy of SeaWorld with my grandkids. Busch Gardens would be a first for all of us. Thanks!

  15. As a kid I loved whales, seals, penguins and dolphins. My city has a great zoo and sea life park but I want to go at least once in my life to Seaworld. Good luck everyone!

  16. Recently went to SeaWorld Orlando while on a week vacation in Florida. Nice relaxing day at the park. Was able to see the dolphin and orca show. Very friendly team members. Great food and beautiful items in the gift shop…

  17. Would love to take our daughter to these local treasures. We live in FL but have yet to go in over 15 years.

  18. we just moved to Florida so we haven’t been to either park yet but we are excited and can’t wait to visit oneday

  19. I love everything about Busch Gardens. I love their treatment of animals the very most. It is a compassionate place. I hope I get to take my two sweethearts to see all of them!

  20. My favorite thing about Sea World is the behind the scene things that you can do!! We visiting the penguins and it was an awesome experience! 🙂

  21. My favorite part about SeaWorld is seeing the big smiles on my boys faces. They love the rides and the animals what a perfect mix.

  22. We’ve always wanted to do SeaWorld but somehow it never happens. My daughter will be 9 this summer and I think she’s the perfect age to enjoy it all..the ride, the experiences, etc.

  23. My favorite part of Sea World is the variety of animals and the diverse marine life. Plus the shows are great and I love being able to feed the dolphins (for a very small fee) Busch gardens has awesome rides, educational information and yummy food!

  24. Wow so many great tips on spending the day at Busch Gardens and Sea World! Sign me up for the animal encounter please.

  25. Lived in Florida my whole life but have never been able to make it to either of these parks. The pictures and videos I’ve seen of them look great and would love to go.

  26. It’s hard to pick just ONE favorite thing. I’m going to go with SeaWorld, first off…because I just freaking LOVE all marine life. Now that I’ve decided on a fave park….hmmmm…let me try to narrow down my Numero Uno part of the magical place…..I’m going to have to go wit the Orcas. They are just so beautiful and stunning.

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