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SeaWorld AfterDark is a Rock ‘n Roll Extravaganza

This summer just got a lot hotter with SeaWorld AfterDark. Through September 7, SeaWorld visitors can stay at the park, after the sun goes down, for a nighttime rock ‘n roll extravaganza featuring special attractions like Shamu Rocks, an all-new fireworks celebration named “Reflections,” and they can experience SeaWorld’s newest ride, Manta, under the glow of the stars.

The Shamu Rocks shows is a fantastic rock ‘n roll killer whale show that combines killer whales with a stunning light show and rockin’ music from some of the best artists today. Reflections is a beautiful celebration of soaring fountains and impressive fireworks that lights up the night sky in spectacular fashion.
There is also the Sea Lions Tonight show, featuring the comedic sea lion duo of Clyde and Seamore, who act out hilarious antics and parody other favorite SeaWorld shows.
While at SeaWorld AfterDark, enjoy some scrumptious cuisine at the Makahiki Luau Dinner & Show. This Polynesian themed extravaganza includes live entertainment, like fire dancing, a complimentary lei, tropical welcome drink, and, of course, a delicious meal.
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