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Roar ‘n Soar Event is landing at Fantasy of Flight

Join Fantasy of Flight for their 3rd Annual Roar ‘n Soar event on November 7 & 8 from 10am-5pm daily. The event will feature a gathering of classic racing machines from land, sea and air.

A sanctioned Slalom Course and a car show featuring rare, antique, classic and exotic vehicles are planned, as is a new R/C truck and buggy short racing course for dirt slinging, off road fun. Drivers will compete for the fastest time while they race the clock maneuvering through a slalom course on the hangar tarmac. This sanctioned race offers prime spectator viewing and comes to Roar n’ Soar courtesy of The Jaguar Club of Florida and Sun Coast Jaguar Clubs. Plus, the car show features vintage classic cars by auto icons Jaguar, Austin-Healey, Ferrari, BMW, and Porsche including some of the most unique and exotic automobiles ever made. For the first time, radio-controlled trucks and buggies and bikers from Red Trail Racing will be joining in for an action-packed weekend at the 3rd Annual Roar n’ Soar.
Classic race boats will also be on-hand. The shores of Lake Agnes will feature a boat show while R/C boats speed by on the water. Courtesy of the Classic Race Boat Association, some of the most elegant and powerful boats ever built will perform exhibition flybys in a race-like setting on a 1.5 mile oval course on Lake Agnes. A host of vintage watercraft will also be on display along with the opportunity to meet the drivers and take photographs.
Fantasy of Flight features one of the world’s greatest aircraft collection and the soar portion of this event will feature aerial demonstrations from rare aircraft, as well as special aerobatic shows featuring the finest giant scale model replica aircraft in the world. Powered paragliders and hang glider pilots will also be soaring above.
Fantasy of Flight’s Roar ‘n Soar event will feature a variety of “Ask the Experts “discussions and presentations. Fun games and hands-on activities for kids are also planned.
Fantasy of Flight tickets are available now.


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