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Princess Fairytale Hall Welcomes Loyal Subjects at Disney’s Fantasyland

Hear ye! Hear ye!  The Disney Princesses have arrived!

Princess dreams are about to become a reality at Disney World Orlando as the all-new Princess Fairytale Hall debuts at the Magic Kingdom.  Opening to guests on September 18, the enchanting new attraction invites visitors to live out their dream of meeting a real Disney princess.  Cinderella and Rapunzel call Princess Fairytale Hall home, and other princesses are always visiting for even more magical meet and greet moments.  

Set amidst a lavishly decorated, castle-themed environment the new attraction is fit for royalty.  Rich purple and gold trimmings, stone walls and ornate chandeliers decorate the hall.  At the entrance of the castle-themed façade intricate stained glass windows with images from the Disney classic Cinderella are featured.  From there, a large entryway opens to the Royal Gallery where detailed portraits of Disney princesses adorn the walls.  Stone columns, wooden beams and peaked arches created a luxurious setting in which visitors queue to meet the princess of their dreams.  The princess portraits also serve as a guide to the bevy of Disney Princesses who might be visiting on any given day.  Mulan, Snow White, Jasmine, Tiana and Aurora are some of the royal visitor’s guests can anticipate meeting. 

As loyal subjects to the Disney princess, visitors have a choice of two queues.  There is one for Cinderella and a visiting princess or one for Rapunzel and a visiting princess.  Each princess is located in her own elegant chamber featuring an ideal fairytale atmosphere perfect for coming face-to-face with these timeless Disney characters.  Every detail has been expertly designed, from the large painting of a fairytale landscape to the table with a set of storybooks that bear the titles of fairytales in the language of the original tale.  Rose vases, walls adorned with crowns and other royal imagery and elegant furnishings complete the scene.   

Visitors are encouraged to bring cameras and an autograph book to the attraction.  For professional photos Disney PhotoPass photographers are also on hand to capture those magical Disney princess moments.  Further, Princess Fairytale Hall welcomes the use of FastPass and FastPass+. 

Princess Fairytale Hall is part of the elaborate Fantasyland expansion at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom theme park.  If you’d like to learn more about all there is to do at Fantasyland, a detailed look inside the magical realm is available with just a click of your mouse.

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