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Orlando Speed World Host to Motorcycle StuntWars January 18th

A crowd of 10,000 expected to charge into Orlando Speed World to watch as the world’s very best sport bike Stunt Riders show off their new tricks and set a new level of competition in this extreme sport. Movie makers are scrambling to put StuntWars(TM) on the big screen and producers will be on hand during this event in Orlando to work on the script. See the top qualifiers out of the top 100 most thrilling sport bike riders from around the world showcase their newest trick while competing for the top prize money and a place in history. Riders will go head to head in this heart pounding adrenaline flowing battle where the spectators are sure to hold their breath with each new action packed trick. There is something for everyone at this event, come by yourself or with a group and you will not be disappointed as the action keeps moving all day long with thrills coming non-stop.

Chief Marketing Officer Jenny Brown commented, “The entertainment is action packed with this worldwide competition and performances by car drifters who spin their cars around smoking tires at over 100 miles per hour as if a chase scene from a James Bond movie. The Mojo Ladies will be on hand to host a bikini contest, local and national motorcycle vendors will be on hand to show you the latest in sport bike and motorcycling fashion, custom bike builders will be on hand and of course the sponsors: Fun Bike Center Motorsports(TM), Papa John’s Pizza, and Mojo’s Wings, Burgers, Beer(TM), Mojo’s Liquor(TM) and others.” Jenny Brown continued, “We are filming a live video production in conjunction with StuntWars (TM) 2009 which will be on sale within a two week period after the conclusion of StuntWars (TM) which can be purchased online at StuntWars.com (TM) or at the event.”

This competition has grown steadily over the past eight years and has introduced this high profile activity to a wider audience, sponsors and vendors alike. During the past few months StuntWars (TM) founder Todd Colbert was featured in a national television commercial stunting on his motorcycle which will be aired later this month on national television.

President Todd Colbert Commented, “I am delighted with the world wide recognition we have gained since forming StuntWars, Inc.(TM) and this sport bike Stunt Wars (TM) competition set to open in Orlando on January 18th. Orlando is the perfect place for this growth. Competitors from around the globe love the city of Orlando; love to perform for the people of Florida and love to vacation around the Orlando area.” Colbert continued, “With over 700 magazine features on StuntWars (TM) during the past few years we are positioned as a mainstream entertainment event which is confirmed by the fact, we have requests from around the country and six foreign countries for the 2009 year for performances in their venues. Come on out to Orlando Speed World on January 18th and see for yourself this spectacular event, meet the riders, watch the competition and see the future first hand. Your family and friends will thank you for the experience.”
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Information courtesy of StuntWars, Inc

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