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Orlando Fringe Theatre Festival Begins May 15

Orlando offers more than just resorts and theme parks! Every May since 1991 the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival has provided cutting-edge, genuine theatre and entertainment that is guaranteed to be everything from the unimaginable to the unforgettable.
100% unjuried, 100% uncensored, 100% accessible for artists and audiences alike, 100% of ticket sales given back to the artists. This year’s festival runs starts May 15, 2008 and continues for 12 days until May 26th.

Looking for some free entertainment for the kids? This year the Orlando Fringe Festival has included a new feature – Kids Fringe. This free, kid friendly event will be held on the festival weekends from 10 am to 4 pm.

The Mission of the Orlando Fringe is to provide an accessible, affordable outlet that draws diverse elements of the community together and inspires creative experiences through the arts.
Not to be confused with frilly decorative borders or extremist political parties, Fringe is a festival or, rather, a celebration of the theatrical and performing arts.

The Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival takes place in and around Loch Haven Park over the course of the twelve days leading up to Memorial Day. Frequently referred to as “the premier springtime cultural event in Central Florida”, The Orlando Fringe Festival encompasses more than 500 uncensored and non-juried performances each year.

After you’re done visiting the Orlando Fringe Festival, you’ll need a nice place to rest and relax. Orlando Hotels provide the perfect combination of convenience and comfort, creating a great place to stay while you play.

Enjoy the Festival!

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