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Old Town Orlando Announces Concert Line-Up

Old Town’s Friday and Saturday Night Band Schedule:

February 2011
4th Reunion
5th Shout
11th Earth Beat
12th Earth Beat
18th Sleep Till Noon
19th Close Quarters
25th Clyde Harris & Street Talk
26th Blue Suede Revue

March 2011
4th The Peanut Butter Co
5th The Peanut Butter Co
11th The Blue Suede Revue
12th The Dukes
18th The Mob
19th The Mob
25th The T-Birds
26th The T-Birds

April 2011
1st Earth Beat
2nd Earth Beat
8th Shout
9th Shout
15th The Repeatles
16th The Repeatles
22nd Showstoppers
23rd Reunion
29th Sleep Till Noon
30th The Dukes

May 2011
6th The Peanut Butter Co.
7th The Peanut Butter Co.
13th The Mob
14th The Mob
20th The T-Birds
21st The T-Birds
27th Close Quarters
28th Close Quarters

June 2011
3rd Clyde Harris & Street Talk
4th The Dukes
10th Reunion
11th Earth Beat
17th Shout
18th Shout
24th Sleep Till Noon
25th The Repeatles

July 2011
1st The Mob
2nd The Mob
8th The Showstoppers
9th The Showstoppers
15th Blue Suede Revue
16th Reunion
22nd Sleep Till Noon
23rd The Dukes
29th Close Quarters
30th Close Quarters


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