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Manta Roller Coaster Making Big Waves at SeaWorld

The Manta roller coaster has only been open for a month but it’s already making big waves at SeaWorld Orlando. Quickly becoming a favorite of guests, the Manta is a unique ride that combines up-close animal encounters with high energy coaster thrills. SeaWorld describes it a concept that takes guests from “seeing to believing.”

Manta is themed after the manta rays, a creature SeaWorld picked to base its newest attraction around due to their ability to fly and glide through their undersea habitats. SeaWorld hoped they would create a ride that captured the flying motions of the Manta, and if early results are any indicator, they have indeed succeeded.
The ride has been a success not only because of its thrilling design but in part to the dynamic presentation guests are treated to while they are still in the queue line. There are 10 aquariums surrounding the line area, all of which present various forms of sea life. Over 3,000 animals are presented in these aquariums, including 300species of rays and 100 species of tropical fish.
Once riders get to their station and board a manta-shaped train, they get securely strapped in and launch into flight position. From there, they are treated to 3,359 feet of coaster track that reaches 140 feet high with a top speed of 56 miles per hour. At first the ride feels like you are gliding, but it quickly gets faster, and once the pretzel loop has been reached, guests dip 98 feet down the track into a 360-degree in-line twist. A wind dip maneuver splashes the manta-shaped strains into a lagoon surrounding the coaster, splashing riders with water.
The Manta Ride at SeaWorld is a must-ride for coaster enthusiasts and sea life lovers alike.


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