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Legoland Announces Plans for Orlando Theme Park

A new theme park is headed to the Orlando Attractions scene. Merlin Entertainment has announced that the world’s largest Legoland will open in Orlando by the end of 2011, at the former site of Cypress Gardens. Merlin Entertainment plan to incorporate some of Cypress Gardens existing features, while constructing Legoland’s signature attractions as well.

Legoland is expected to feature between 40 to 50 main attractions, including kid-powered rides and giant Lego brick models. The historical gardens of Cypress Gardens will stay intact, and officials plan to incorporate one of the two wooden coasters currently on-site as well as the water ski shows Cypress Gardens was famous for. The popular Splash Island Waterpark is also expected to keep operating under Legoland ownership and a new name, but it will be a separate, ticketed admission.

Some of the Legoland Theme Park highlights include lots of interactive, hands-on attractions, such as a kid-powered monorail, junior roller coasters and mild spinning rides, intricate Legoland dioramas, and a driving school for kids. The 145-acre site will be larger than any of the current Legoland operations. This new addition to Orlando Theme Parks will be geared towards the 12 and under set.

Merlin Entertainment officials stated they chose to renovate the existing Cypress Gardens location instead of building from scratch because it will shave years off development time. Instead of a 4-5 year development time, the park will be up and running in two years or less. Eventually, Legoland owners plan to build out the property with an onsite hotel and other gated attractions, similar to its additions at its California attractions.


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