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Kennedy Space Center Prepares for 40th Anniversary of Moon Landing

Celebrate the 40th anniversary of mankind’s first steps on the moon at Kennedy Space Center.
See the 363-foot long rocket that took astronauts on this historic journey and relive the stories of this great achievement at the Apollo/Saturn V Center. On July 16, 2009, astronauts Buzz Aldrin (Apollo 11) Charlie Duke (Apollo 16) Al Worden (Apollo 15) Edgar Mitchell (Apollo 14) and Walt Cunningham (Apollo 7)will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 launch at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and mark the opening of a new exhibit at the Apollo/Saturn V Center.

Rarely seen publicly before, the Apollo artifacts in the new exhibit include a rare collection of space suits and other gear used by the Apollo moonwalkers to explore the lunar surface during space walks, featuring Apollo 14 Commander Alan Shepard’s space suit.

Astronaut Encounter: Schedule of Appearance
May 29-31 ~ Al Worden
June 1-7 ~ JD Bartoe
June 8 – 14 ~ Roger Crouch
June 15 – 19 ~ John Fabian
June 20 – 21 ~ Winston Scott
June 22 – 27 ~ Hoot Gibson
June 28 – 29 ~ Bob Springer
June 30–July 4~Mike Mullane
And, as always, your Kennedy Space Center ticket is valid for two days of admission within a 7 day period.

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