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Kennedy Space Center Offers a Variety of Fun for Families

The Kennedy Space Center is one of the top Orlando attractions, and for good reason. They offer a variety of activities and exhibits, plus you can see live launches, have lunch with an astronaut and tackle realistic simulators. Families going on an Orlando vacation will want to include Kennedy Space Center in their plans, especially because there are 5 new additions to the center that make it more fun than ever before.

Earlier this summer, KSC unveiled an all-new interactive stage show – Star Trek Live. During the show, families join the Starfleet Academy before boldly going on a warp-speed adventure through space. The 30-minute show combines education and entertainment and includes live actors, special effects and on-screen appearances by Captain James Kirk and Spock.
The Exploration Space: Explorers Wanted is a new 10,000 ft hub of space discovery featuring live theater, hands-on exhibits and multimedia demonstrations. The Explorers Wanted show runs twice hourly.
The Hubble 3D Imax Film is the latest Imax experience to debut at Kennedy Space Center. Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, Hubble 3D is told right from the spot on which Space Shuttle Discovery launched to deploy the telescope. Besides footage showing how astronauts brave outer space to keep the telescope operational, Hubble 3D sends viewers into the hearts of galaxies revealed by the telescope over the last 20 years.
Science on a Sphere is an exhibit that allows visitors to go on a 3D journey around the globe, as seen from space. You can see everything from weather and tide patterns to aircraft movement.
For families looking to experience a little more adventure at Kennedy Space Center, they can engage in the Family Astronaut Training Experience, a half-day adventure that immerses guests in spaceflight training, state-of-the-art simulators and activities to build their own rockets. The experience is capped by a mission to the International Space Station in a full orbiter and mission control mock-up.
There is a lot to see and do at Kennedy Space Center. There are two types of Kennedy Space Center tickets to choose from – the Two Days for the Price of one ticket or the Space Pass, which includes lunch with an astronaut.

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