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Kennedy Space Center hosts Sci-Fi Summer Event

Kennedy Space Center has launched a Sci-Fi Summer Spectacular for guests, a celebration of the last 50 years of human spaceflight and science fiction. The event has a lot of Star Trek themed activities, including Star Trek: The Exhibition. There are also contests available to guests, including one offering a chance to win a trip to space.

Star Trek: The Exhibition is an interactive exhibit featuring authentic Star trek artifacts from the last 45 years, one-of-a-kind costumes, and props and filming models from the television series and movies. A recreation of the U.S.S. Enterprise Bridge from the original Star Trek series is also part of the exhibit and visitors can sit in the original command chair of Star Trek’s famous captain James T. Kirk.

Items on display include:

• U.S.S. Enterprise Bridge, Star Trek: The Original Series
• U.S.S. Enterprise Engine Room, Star Trek: The Next Generation
• U.S.S. Enterprise Sick Bay, Star Trek: The Next Generation

• Full scale model of the Scorpion ship, Star Trek Nemesis
• Borg Assimilation Chamber, Star Trek: The Next Generation
• Captain Kirk and Klingon Captain’s Chairs/visitor photo opportunity
• Original costumes

• Original filming model including U.S.S. Enterprise, federation starship, Shuttlecraft Hawking
• Communicators, phasers, tricorders and other equipment
• Production busts of the Borg, Neelix, Klingon and Data

The Sci-Fi summer events also feature Star Trek Live, a stage show combining science education with entertainment. The audience becomes new Starfleet cadets, where they are trained and must sace the world from a renegade attach from Romulan.

Purchase your Kennedy Space Center discount tickets today to see all that’s available at their Sci-Fi Summer Event.

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