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Join Fantasy of Flight for The Last Big Splash

Join Fantasy of Flight September 26 & 27 for “The Last Big Splash,” an action-packed event featuring seaplanes and extreme skydiving. This is the last seaplane fly-in and competition to be held this year at Fantasy of Flight. It is also the only place in Orlando where guests can see firsthand the newest form of skydiving currently sweeping the extreme sports world – Swooping.

A variety of breathtaking aerial and water competitions and demonstrations are planned on the Fantasy of Flight’s scenic Lake Agnes. Seaplane pilots from around the world, in conjunction with Seaplane Pilots Association, will present maneuvers that will awe spectators. In addition to the seaplane pilots, canopy pilots, or “extreme sport parachutists,” will provide even more adrenaline pumping action for guests. The will be competing for ranking in a Florida Canopy Pilots Association skydiving competition in which they will use large ponds lining Fantasy of Flight’s grass runways as a landing zone as they “swoop” down from the sky at extreme speeds and skid to a stop across the water.

Access to the event is included in regular Fantasy of Flight admission.


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