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Indoor Skydiving in Orlando, Florida

Ready for an incredible thrill? Try indoor skydiving in Orlando, Florida. The experience recreates what it’s like to actually sky dive but in a controlled, instructor-guided environment. Orlando indoor skydiving is one of the most adrenaline-filled things you can do on your vacation. Give it a try!

The best place to try out indoor skydiving is iFly Orlando.  Indoor Skydiving at iFly Orlando is safe for kids, challenging for adults, exciting for teens and realistic for skydivers. No experience is necessary and it’s great fun for all ages.  Kids only need to be three years and older to try out indoor skydiving.

Simply put, iFly is flying; you will soar on a column of air inside a vertical wind tunnel. The vertical wind tunnel moves air up in a vertical column, creating the indoor skydiving experience. iFly uses superior technology and is unique; multiple fans located at the top of the flight chamber produce a wall-to-wall airflow that is smooth and fun to fly in.  Professional flight instructors will provide you with all of your flight gear, along with the fundamental skills for body flight through a classroom training session. All you have to do is get ready to smile because you won’t be able to help yourself once you experience the thrill of a freefall.

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