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Florida EcoSafaris Debut Zip Line Roller Coaster

Orlando, Florida is home to a number of thrilling attractions but Florida EcoSafaris has just upped the ante by adding a new Zip Line Roller Coaster to its park.  This is only the second zip line of its kind in the world.  Known as The Rattlesnake, the zip coaster is different than any other zip line adventure you’ve experience before.

For starters, The Rattlesnake uses a rigid track as opposed to a flexible wire.  The track features dips, tight turns and other coaster-style elements.  You begin you coaster experience by climbing up a 65-foot launch platform.  From there you’ll fly through the trees at speeds of 20mph and discover 1,000 feet of nature inspired roller coaster-style zip line.
Check out this video to find out what The Rattlesnake is all about:
Florida EcoSafaris at Forever Florida offer several different ways to experience the other side of Florida. You can go on a Zip Line Safari, featuring seven zip lines; a two-hour guided Coach Safari; or saddle up for a Horseback Safari.

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