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Falcon’s Fury Drops at Busch Gardens Tampa

BG_Falcons FuryAre you brave enough to ride Falcon’s Fury? The all-new attraction recently debuted at Busch Gardens Tampa, and packs an adrenaline punch! It is the tallest freestanding drop tower in North America, standing at 335 feet. At the ride’s highest point, riders pivot 90 degrees in midair into a face-down dive position. Moments later, they plunge 60 mph straight down. All of the dynamic drops and pivots mimic the movements of the rides namesake – the falcon.

One of the most exciting elements of the Falcon’s Fury is its variable hold time. Riders never know how long they’ll be suspended at the top, creating even more of a pulse-pounding drop experience. When you do drop, you’ll free fall for about 5-6 seconds! It’s quite a rush and makes the wait for the ride to be completed well worth it!

Falcon’s Fury is located in the Pantopia section of Busch Gardens. This fully-remodeled land is home to thrilling rides and attractions, tasty food options, entertaining shows and unique shopping. Falcon’s Fury is the centerpiece of the renovated Pantopia, but there’s more to discover at this mystical land. You see, the legendary doors of Pantopia speak of a rich history of travelers present and past. Treasures of Pantopia can be found at the Painted Camel Bazaar, while other attractions include the Phoenix, Grand Caravan Carousel and The Scorpion.

Purchase your discount Busch Gardens tickets to experience Falcon’s Fury and so much more! This distinct Orlando theme park combines the animals of Africa with thrilling rides and attractions for a one-of-a-kind zoo and amusement park experience.

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