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Face Your Fears at Universal Orlando Resort’s Halloween Horror Nights

Face your fears at Universal Orlando Resort’s Halloween Horror Nights.  For 27 terrifying nights beginning September 20 Universal Studios is transformed into one of the nation’s most terrifying playgrounds.  See if you can survive haunted houses, electrifying scare zones, outrageous live shows, and other hauntingly good fun.   Winner of Amusement Today’s “Best Halloween Event” Golden Ticket award the last four years, Halloween Horror Nights is the premier Halloween event in Orlando.

The horror film “The Cabin in the Woods” is set to come alive during Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 23.  You will step inside the menacing cabin from the movie and fend off a malicious family of zombies. Just like in the film, guests will flee from the cabin and enter a hidden facility where a secret operative is plotting their sacrificial demise.  Suddenly, a menagerie of bloodthirsty monsters is released – and you’re in the middle of all-out chaos.  Can you make it out alive?
After surviving “The Cabin in the Woods” summon your courage for haunted houses themed after “The Walking Dead” and “Evil Dead.”   Although “The Walking Dead” was featured at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights last year it has returned with a more prominent role.  You will have the chance to walk in the footsteps of human survivors when an all-new terrifying maze inspired by season three of walking dead is unveiled.  The eerily authentic and disturbingly real maze experiences will place Halloween Horror Nights guests at the heart of the show’s once impenetrable prison, the West Georgia Correctional Facility, now overrun by hordes of flesh-eating walkers.  The mazes at Universal Orlando will send guests cowering through the walker-infested wilderness that surrounds the prison and into the seemingly utopian town of Woodbury where gruesome secrets are concealed.  For the first time ever Universal has also dedicated its entire Halloween Horror Nights street experience to “The Walking Dead.”  All scare zones throughout the park will be themed after the hit television series.  Guests brave enough to walk the streets of Universal Studios Florida will encounter iconic scenes from all three seasons of the hit show – including the perilous city of Atlanta and Hershel’s dismal barn – and fleets of blood-thirsty walkers who are hungry for their next victim. 
At the “Evil Dead” haunted house you are transported into the film and face off against a demonic evil that will stop at nothing to consume them.  It begins when a mysterious passage from an ancient book is read, releasing an unearthly force of darkness. A pack of violently possessed victims, including the film’s starring character “Mia,” wreaks brutal carnage throughout the mazes – and guests must make their best attempt to escape. 

This year’s Halloween Horror Nights happens Sept. 20, 21, 26 – 29; Oct. 3 – 6, 10 – 13, 16-20, 23 – 27, 31; Nov. 1 and 2.  Halloween Horror Nights tickets are on sale now.  A separate admission is needed for this special event. 

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