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5 Expert Tips on Visiting SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld is the only place in Orlando to go below the surface of the ocean, get up close and personal with animals, and experience one-of-a-kind aquatic thrills. Learn expert tips on visiting SeaWorld Orlando. From the best rides to animal shows to where to eat, I’ll give you the inside scoop on SeaWorld Orlando.

1) Head to the Rides First

With all the exciting stuff to do at SeaWorld Orlando, it’s hard to choose what to experience first. The first of our tips on visiting SeaWorld Orlando is to head straight to Manta when you pass through the gates. This mind-blowing roller coaster is located right near the entrance, making it the perfect opportunity!

Note that most rides at SeaWorld Orlando require you store your personal belongings in a locker prior to riding. This is for your safety, the safety of others, and the safety of your electronics and personal belongings.

2) Visiting the Animals at SeaWorld

We all know that marine life thrives at SeaWorld Orlando. But did you know the theme park with a focus on animal conservation is home to other exotic animals? You can meet a sloth at the Sea Garden, along with many other types of animals. Get up close and personal by visiting the Sea Garden during your day at SeaWorld.

Throughout the park, you’ll find a wide range of marine animals. Budget your time accordingly so you can see them all!

3) Kid-Friendly Areas throughout SeaWorld

For families visiting with children, have confidence knowing there are plenty of activities and rides for your youngsters at SeaWorld Orlando. Shamu’s Happy Harbor is home to a myriad of rides, activities, engaging areas, and more for kids — and kids at heart.

Do note that the rides throughout the park have specific height and age restrictions. If your kids meet the requirements, enjoy the day on the coasters and magnificent rides!

4) Know Where to Grab a Bite to Eat

As with any amusement park, the best tips on visiting SeaWorld Orlando we could give you is where to eat! After exploring the park, zooming around on roller coasters, and coming face-to-face with aquatic creatures, you work up an appetite.

For a quick bite to eat, head over to Mama’s Pretzel Kitchen. These gourmet pretzels are sure to hit the spot. If you’re looking for a full meal, we highly recommend making reservations at Sharks Underwater Grill. On top of the delicious food, you can’t beat dining while surrounded by tropical fish and marine animals!

5) Make Time for Amazing Experiences

While most theme parks are made up of rides, food, and shows, SeaWorld Orlando takes their entertainment a step further by offering amazing experiences. Here are a few of our favorites:

Flamingo Walk
Every morning around 11:00 am (times vary), you’ll see Flamingos walking through the park. It’s a do-not-miss sight!

Learn about Animal Conservation
Throughout the park, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the great lengths SeaWorld goes to rescue and rehabilitate animals. The park also works diligently to conserve the natural environments around us. Pay special attention to this learning opportunity for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Arrange an Animal Encounter
From meeting a penguin to feeding a dolphin, SeaWorld offers guests numerous encounter experiences. These must be arranged prior to your trip, but are well worth it!

If you’re not up for meeting an animal, be sure to check the feeding schedule for another amazing opportunity.

Use Our Tips on Visiting SeaWorld Orlando

Now that you know how to visit SeaWorld Orlando like a pro, it’s time to plan your trip. Purchase your tickets from Reserve Orlando today for extraordinary discounts and packages.


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