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Experience Orlando’s Coolest Bar – ICEBAR Orlando

Orlando, Florida is known for its warm weather and sunny skies. However, at ICEBAR Orlando the temperatures drop, creating Orlando’s coolest lounge.

ICEBAR Orlando features a concept widely seen in Europe, but never before in the United States. ICEBAR, as the name would suggest, is a bar made of ice, including the walls, bar, tables, sofas and chairs. Kept at a chilly 27 degrees Fahrenheit, ICEBAR features over 50 tons of ice, all sculpted by world-class ice carvers. The interior theme of ICEBAR changes every six months.

Located on International Drive, experiencing ICEBAR is convenient and easy for Orlando visitors. Although every part of the bar is ice, the features are all draped in fur and a thermal cape and gloves are given to patrons upon entering to ensure warmth during their 45 minute ICEBAR excursion.

The Chill Lounge is the warm-up area for ICEBAR. Before and after you enter ICEBAR, guests are welcome to explore the 3,000-square-foot lounge. Featuring live entertainment, caviar flights, premium beverage service and signature drinks, all in a Nordic setting, the Chill Lounge is a great addition to any ICEBAR experience.

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