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Epcot Unveils New Test Track

Test Track is officially open at Epcot.  The redesigned Disney World attraction is a multisensory virtual experience in automotive design. 

You begin the experience at Test Track by walking through an interactive queue with concept vehicles such as the EN-V and Miray on display. Once inside the automotive design lab, advanced computer technology powers the guest design process.  Guests can choose from a number of vehicle options and styles and once they have designed the automotive they’d like to test, the design is saved to card swiped at the beginning of the design process.  Disney and Chevrolet worked hand in hand on the attraction, and the end result shows high tech, authentic design process. 

After your car is designed the test drive portion of the attraction arrives.  With the help of innovative technology, you’ll have the chance to test drive your vehicle, through the ride, on tacks surfaces that similar the actual vehicle validation process Chevrolet engineers use.  Each design is evaluated and scored based on their performance.  Many of the elements of the ride seem futuristic, with sharp neon lights bringing a “Tron”-like feel to the inside portion of the attraction.
The race begins as the car accelerates over the roller-coaster style track.  The track features a series of hills, bumpy roads, sharp turns, and more, as well as the 65 mph boost at the end that loops around the outside of the building.
At the end of the experience guests can see their car’s score, make a TV commercial and email it to family and friends, race their vehicle at a digital driving table and pose for a photo with their vehicle.
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