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Disney’s Fastpass Service Changes Flexibility but Still Saves Time

One of the best ways to make use of your Disney World vacation time is to get a Fastpass when you enter the parks. 

Disney’s Fastpass service is FREE and allows you to enjoy popular attractions at Disney World without spending time waiting in line. If you’ve never visited Disney World Orlando, here’s how the Fastpass works:
  • Fastpass designated attractions have a booth outside the line where you insert your park ticket and receive a Fastpass ticket that gives you an hour-long time frame to return and enter in the Fastpass entrance.
  • There is little to no waiting when you use Fastpass, so it allows you to spend more time enjoying the park and less time waiting in line.
In years past, guests could return anytime they wanted for the rest of the day after their return time began.  This little known tip is no longer going to work, though, as starting March 7, Disney World is going to enforce the return time window to provide a better experience to all park goers.  Keep this policy in mind during your next Disney visit.


  1. The fastpass is the best way to get on Disney rides without waiting in line. I always get one for Space Mountain and Tower of Terror.

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