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Disney Announces Major Expansion in Orlando

During the D23 Expo in Anaheim, California Walt Disney Resort Chairman Jay Rasulo announced a new project for the Orlando based Walt Disney World Theme Parks. The ambitious new project will nearly double the size of Fantasyland, part of the Magic Kingdom, as well as update the Star Tours attraction based on the original “Star Wars” trilogy. Plans are to add 3-D effects to the ride which is located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando. The park plans to add a pod-racing sequence from “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace” to the attraction as well.

The major focus, however, was how Disney plans to change how visitors interact with three of its best known princesses – Cinderella, Aurora and Belle. Disney is planning to construct individual areas in which visitors will be able to experience a more extended and participatory moment with the princesses. An example of this new concept is having guests visit Cinderella’s country chateau where they would watch, along with a group, as she is transformed by the Fairy Godmother into a beautiful belle of the ball.
Other changes at the Orlando Disney World include redesigning Dumbo the Flying Elephant Ride. The redesign includes doubling the capacity of the ride as well as replacing the ride queue with a circus tent and bleachers and an interactive three ring circus. A new restaurant, named “Be Our Guest,” is also in the works and is based off of the successful Beauty and the Beast film.

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