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Cypress Canopy Cycle Opens at Forever Florida

Florida EcoSafaris at Forever Florida is the place to go to experience the other side of the sunny state. The 4,700-acre wildlife conservation area offers horseback riding, ziplining and safari tours. Now, the Orlando attraction also offers guests the chance to cycle through the skies with their all-new Cypress Canopy Cycle. It is the first in the United States and only the second in the world. The very first canopy cycle is located at Hidden Worlds Adventure Park in Tulum, Mexico.

The new adventure lets guest experience Forever Florida in an entirely new way. The ride technology was developed by ECO-Adventure Technologies. Essentially the cycles are reclining bicycles suspended from a network of high-tension steel cables. Riders can reach heights of up to 25 feet as they pedal their way through the treetops of Forever Florida. The ride allows for upclose treetop views and other sights that otherwise would not be accessible. Guests are encourages to bring a camera to capture their tour.

The Cypress Canopy Cycle tour lasts approximately one hour. The cost is $45 and participants must be 10 years old and weight no more than 275 pounds.

Note: I’ve experienced the Canopy Cycle at Hidden World in Tulum, Mexico and it really is a unique, above-the-treetops experience. I’m very excited to see this type of Eco-Attraction come to the states!


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