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Changes are on the Horizon for Disney World Orlando

Disney World has a few changes on the horizon.

The massive expansion of FantasyLand planned at the Magic Kingdom is being altered slightly, to include more items that are less focused on princess themes and to broaden the appeal of FantasyLand as a whole. Not many details have been revealed as to what exact elements of the plan will be altered and to what extent, but changes are certainly underway.
Other developments at Disney include a report that suggests Epcot may soon welcome a 12th country to its collection. One insider suggests Spain is currently the frontrunner.
Disney’s Hollywood Studios has allegedly received the go-ahead to construct the Monsters Inc. roller coaster. The space vacated by the “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Play It” attraction is supposedly the new location for the Monsters Inc. coaster.
Over at the Magic Kingdom, “Storytime with Belle,” a character meet and greet opportunity will hold is final performance on September 12 to make way for a new “play and greet” interactive experience. The new residents of the Fairtytale Gardens will be Flynn Rider and Rapunzel from the upcoming Disney movie “Tangled.” Starting on October 15, guests will be able to interact with both characters from the film that retells the classic story of Rapunzel.

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