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Celebrate the Magic this Summer at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

When you visit Walt Disney World Orlando there is so much to see and do you’ll probably want to spend a couple of days exploring all of the parks.  Each park has something special to end the day of fun.  The Magic Kingdom has one of the best end-of-the-night shows.  It changes frequently but currently “Celebrate the Magic” is the fireworks and projection show featured at Magic Kingdom.

The show – which replaced “The Magic, The Memories and You” – focuses on Disney’s long history of storytelling through film and animation.  The show begins with Tinker Belle flittering around the castle.  After sprinkling some pixie dust, the art of Disney’s famous animation comes to life.  Scenes from various Disney films are painted across the castle, including favorites from Alice in Wonderland, Dumbo and The Lion King.  Even new additions from movies like Wreck-It Ralph, Brace and Toy Story are featured. 

Seasonal updates are a big part of the show, too.  Favorite Disney couples are a highlight around Valentine’s Day while Disney villains make the cut during Halloween.  For summer 2013, you can hit the beach with Lilo & Stitch and The Little Mermaid.

Celebrate the Magic Summer Edition featured below:
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