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Attractions in Orlando offer year-long Fun

There are more attractions than you can count in Orlando, Florida. Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando Resort and Sea World are popular favorites but there are other great attractions that are must-sees. You can check out the best-of-the-best of Orlando’s other attractions right here.

Busch Gardens It may be an hour or so away, but it’s well worth it. Busch Gardens is one of the best spots for roller coaster enthusiasts in all of Florida and beyond. Sporting some of the biggest, fastest coasters around, Busch Gardens is a high-impact place for a day trip. Among the choices: Shiekra, the largest, fastest coaster in the Southeast U.S., Kumba, a 110 feet plunge into a diving loop making for a “roar” of a ride and Montu, an egyptian themed coaster with an inverse diving loop and a 60-foot vertical loop.

Cirque du Soleil’s La NoubaLocated at Downtown Disney, Cirque du Soleil’s La Nouba performs just about every day for audiences from around the world. Cirque du Soleil’s reputation is known worldwide, and this show certainly doesn’t disappoint. A breathtaking combination of dance, music, gymnastics and art, La Nouba is a show you’ve got to see to believe.

Cypress GardensFlorida’s first theme park was Cypress Gardens. Originally founded in 1936 and reopened in 2004, the park combines classic rides and attractions with a family-friendly atmosphere. Cypress Gardens also puts on a number of concerts every year featuring famous stars of yesteryear and some of today’s best country music performers.

Daytona International Speedway Taking a day trip to Daytona Beach might be something you want to do on your Orlando visit. But in addition to the beaches in Daytona, there’s a little place called the Daytona International Speedway. The Speedway, the historic home of stock car racing, offers daily tours. Also, you can visit Daytona USA, an interactive attraction with a NASCAR theme.

Gatorland The famous entrance to Gatorland is deeply entrenched in the minds of Central Floridians. As you walk into the alligator’s mouth, you’ll enter an amazing world where you can learn all about one of Florida’s most amazing animals, the alligator. See alligator feedings or get up-close and personal at a number of exhibits that let you get closer than you might like to Florida’s famous gators.

The Holy Land Experience Enter into a biblical world of wonder at the Holy Land Experience. See films and presentations that present the history of the biblical world and marvel at the painstakingly recreated architecture that gives Holy Land its signature look. You can also visit the Scriptorium, an vast archive of biblical books and materials.

Kennedy Space Center The home of America’s space program, Kennedy Space Center is a truly amazing place to visit. From exhibits showcasing America’s space-travel history to a bus ride past the launch pads that NASA uses today, you can see some very special things at the Space Center. You can also stock up on astronaut ice-cream, a souvenir favorite.

Orlando Science Center One of the largest space observatories in the state sits atop the Orlando Science Center. When there’s something special in the night sky, this is the place to go to see it. Inside, you can check out a number of amazing exhibits that will enlighten and entertain. Learn about electricity, physics and biology, all in one awesome place.

Pleasure Island For adults only, Pleasure Island is a great spot for nightlife. Located adjacent to Downtown Disney, the island features a number of diverse nightclubs and elegant eateries to fill your night with excitement. You can also catch live music. On New Year’s Eve, this is the place to be.

Ripley’s Believe it or Not Weird wonders abound at Ripley’s Believe it or Not. Ripley made his life’s work the collection of the strangest, most obscure artifacts he could find, and now many are on display, including shrunken heads and Rolls Royce made completely out of match sticks. Believe it or not!

Information courtesy of Orlando Sentinel

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