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Aquatica Announces New Water Slide Details

Sea World recently released details regarding its new water slide planned for Aquatica in 2010. This is the first new attraction at Aquatica, since it opened almost two years ago.

The slide will be named Omaka Rocka (which means rocking river) and will feature moves reminiscent of extreme sports, like skateboarders and BMX bikers. The new Aquatica Water Park ride, which is scheduled to be completed by March, will send a pair of guests in a two-seater tube through a set of three tunnels that will replicate the half-pipe experience. Riders will slide up one part of the slide and get a sensation of near weightlessness. They’ll come down that side and back up another, in what SeaWorld officials are calling a vertical thrills experience.

This new water slide will be a great addition to the Orlando attractions at Aquatica. It features a new design that includes semi-transparent tubing. The semi-transparent tubing will allow for riders inside the tube to experience a bright atmosphere, instead of the dark one generally associated with tube rides. Guests waiting for or watching the ride will be able to see the riders sliding around above them.

Omaka Rocka will have no height restrictions.


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