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13th Annual Mustangs & Mustangs Event at Fantasy of Flight

The 13th Annual Mustangs & Mustangs event will be held at Fantasy of Flight on April 17, 2010. The spring event features cars and vintage airplanes and is the only Mustang event to showcase both restored P-51 Mustang aircraft and Ford Mustang autos of all makes and models.

There is a People’s Choice Award for the show cars and the P-51 fighters perform live aerial demonstrations during Mustangs & Mustangs.

Interactive sessions with American Fighter Aces of WWII will be featured during the 2010 Mustangs & Mustangs event. The legendary P-51 Triple Ace Col. Clarence E. “Bud” Anderson will be on hand to share real life WWII aerial experiences during the living history symposium “Victory in the Sky.”

Children’s activities & entertainment is planned as well.

Fantasy of Flight general admission is required to attend this event. Parking is $5.


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