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One of Orlando’s top-rated attractions, WonderWorks in Orlando, Florida, features thrills and excitement for many ages. Visitors will find action-packed entertainment, including a glow-in-the-dark indoor ropes course, an exciting backlit laser-tag arena, a 4-D XD motion theater, plus six incredible wonder zones that feature a variety of interactive exhibits and activities.


from Ashley, one of our Orlando Travel Experts
  • General admission includes the exhibit, ropes course and 1 film on the 4D theater.
  • 2 - 4 hours of arcade games, thrills, fun activities and glow-in-the-dark indoor ropes course.
  • 4D XD motion theater will take you on adventurous journey through virtual reality.
  • Bubble lab is fun for all ages.
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Good To Know

from Rosemarie, our Orlando Market Manager
  • Wear closed toe shoes.
  • No short shorts or skirts allowed while visiting for the ropes course.
  • No food or drinks allowed inside.
  • Parking is in Pointe Orlando, $3 for the first 2 hours, maximum fee of $6.
  • Must be at least 42” in height to participate in the indoor ropes course.
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from WonderWorks
WonderWorks is an amusement park for the mind with over 100 interactive exhibits for visitors of all ages to experience. The most eye-catching feature of WonderWorks is the attraction’s dramatic exterior – a three-story tall, classically designed building that appears to have landed upside down, atop a 1930s era brick warehouse.

Experience the trembling of a 5.3 earthquake, be blown away by 71mph hurricane force winds, maneuver the controls of a NASA spacecraft to land the shuttle, step inside an astronaut space suit, feel the sensation of 3,500 nails elevate you, fly a fighter jet, make a 3-D impression of your entire body on the WonderWall, design and ride your own roller coaster, play virtual sports plus much more! New attractions - the XD Theater 4D extreme motion ride and 3 Story indoor ropes challenge course-located in the basement/the 3rd level.

While visiting WonderWorks, don’t miss Orlando’s Funniest Dinner Show, The “Outta Control” Magic-Comedy Dinner Show. Enjoy unlimited fresh hand-tossed pizza, popcorn, beer, wine and soft drinks. To purchase your dinner show ticket or a WondeWorks combo package go to The Outta Control Dinner Show listed under Theatre Shows.

Parking: Pointe Orlando Parking Garage is $4.00 for the first hour, $2.00 each additional hour, no more than $10.00 per day.
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WonderWorks in Orlando, Florida
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Reserve Orlando Customer Reviews

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Jake Gephart jupiter, FL
4 Reviews
Verified Traveler
"So much fun!"
Reviewed July, 2015
There is lots to do here, three different levels with tons of games and activities. I went with my girlfriend and we had an absolute blast good for all ages.
Tip: Do the ropes course and the create your own rollercoaster!

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TripAdvisor Reviews
TripAdvisor user image

Durban, South Africa

TripAdvisor user rating 4 out of 5
Reviewed April 29, 2016 NEW

The shape of the building itself is really cool to see. Once inside there are some really good things to do. If there is a large number of kids, then you may have an issue getting to anything. We had no such problem. The bed of nails, the water from the titanic, the earthquake and hurricane simulator, and many many more. It really was a great experience and well worth a visit.

TripAdvisor user image
Oliver R

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

"Great way to spend with family"
TripAdvisor user rating 4 out of 5
Reviewed April 28, 2016 NEW

I will start by letting you know that there are several plugs that you can use to recharge your phone if you need it. When you first enter the building, you have to go through the line that they have setup. It's like of like the line you see at Disneyland. This is where you must go to buy tickets for this attraction. Be aware that they do not allow strollers inside. You must park the stroller in the lobby area where you purchase the tickets. Upon entering, you go through a spinning tunnel which provides a great dizzying affect. Once you go through the tunnel you walk into the first level of the building. Here you will find the earthquake café where you sit down and a mock restaurant booth and you experience a 5.3 earthquake. The movement is semi violent but a three-year-old can easily handle it. There is also a human lightning rod attraction where you put your hand through a window and attached to it is a chain-link glove where a makeshift lightning producer emits a high voltage electrical spark that is attracted to the chain link glove that your hand is in. You cannot feel anything it is safe. Here, there is also a small attraction in which you can put your hand in ice cold water and feel what it was like when the Titanic sank. There is also a TV screen in which a video shows what the world would look like if it is upside down. They also have another TV screen that is called time machine. Here you can watch different videos in slow-motion, forwards or backwards to see what things look like when they move. Last attraction is a hurricane shack in which you get to feel 75 mph winds. You are inside a small dark room with a fan that is blowing the strong air. It is interesting to see what it feels like to be around during a hurricane. The next attraction they have is a small anti-gravity room in which water flows upward but that attraction was down. You can go up the stairs to the second level or you can take the elevators. Through out the facility are hand sanitizing stations to cleans your hands. These are hit or miss. The one on the first floor was empty. It had no paper towels but it did have the hand sanitizer foam. Second level- As soon as you enter the second level on the left hand side there is a wall. On the wall there are optical illusion's. The first one is a city block that looks like it moves as you walk by it. The second optical illusion is a mold of Einstein's head and it looks like it's eyes are following you. Next to that wall is the bubble room where you can make these huge bubbles and try to make a bubble around you. Next to there is the mind ball challenge. Here you and your opponent sit in a glass room and put headbands on. The object is to make the tiny ball move to the opposite side only using the EEG's being emitted by your brain by being relaxed. There is a line for this one because it is not timed. So people can be there for a while. I was not impressed because I watched someone be there for 20 min. Next to that is the virtual sports challenge where you can select a soccer game or baseball game and see how you match up against virtual athletes. This attraction has a line for it. In the middle of the room there is a bed of nails in which you can lay on a plexiglass that has holes in it. When you are ready, you press a button and the bed of nails lifts up going through the holes in the plexiglass and lifts you. Next to that is an attraction that measures how high you can jump. In front of that is the wonder wall where plastic rods stick out and you can press them to make imprints. After a few seconds a plastic wall presses them to "erase" the imprint. In front of the wonder wall is the pulley power where you can sit at three different pulleys where you can pull yourself up. One seat has 2 pulleys the other has 3 and the last has 4. There is also a wall that has 2 TV screens where you can play TV trivia. In the back corner is another screen that has heat sensors so that you can see how "cool" you are. There is also a virtual air hockey table in which you play air hockey without the actual puck or hand thing. There is also a game you can play in which you have to tap circles that are lit up. It's a two player game and pretty fun. Next to it is a basketball game with 3 hoops next to each other. They are supposed to link together so that all 3 players can compete but it wasn't working. You could only play individually. Passing that game, you enter another room that has other activities. One activity is that you stand in front of a white screen and there is a flash that comes on and your shadow is "preserved" on the screen. There is also a floor piano that you can play songs on by stepping on the keys. There is also a machine with here you can "play" different instruments without the actual instrument. Sensor beams on the inside when blocked produce the sound of the instrument you picked. If you continue walking, you go into the next room where there are more rides and games. In this room you can take a picture with a real spacesuit (you can stick your head in the helmet of the spacesuit but the spacesuit is full size. There is also a piano you can play, an oversized lite-brite that is the size of the wall, arcade type games and and mock replica of one person spaceship that you can sit in to see what it felt like for the astronaut. The two main attractions on this level are the gyro spheres and the roller coasters. The 2 gyro spheres do have height and weight requirements. It also has restrictions for long hair so that it doesn't get caught in the moving parts. As for the roller coasters, one was broken so only one was working. The line was over an hour of wait time. So we didn't get to ride it. The wait for the gyro sphere was about 20 minutes. There are bathrooms on the second floor not on the first floor. It was clean and fully stocked. The men's bathroom had one urinal and one toilet. After you are done with this level you can exit by going through the revolving gate. This leads you to the stairs where you can go up to the third floor. In the staircase there framed pictures of optical illusions. Once you arrive at the third floor, you have your choice of arcade games to play. Just about all the games there require 4 tokens to play. It costs $1 to get 4 tokens. So pretty much it's $1/game you play. The major attractions on this level are the laser tag, 4D motion ride, and rope climbing challenge. Depending on what type of ticket you purchased, the laser tag and 4D motion ride is not included. You have to pay extra for it. The laser tag was a lot of fun. One rule to remember is DO NOT RUN. They will remove you from the game. In the laser tag room there are barriers and walls to hide behind. In my opinion, this was the best attraction here. You get an electronic vest that is attached to your gun. There are sensors on both the gun and the vest that light up when you have been hit. The 4D motion ride was a lot of fun. It's pretty much a very small theater with seats that move according to the movie on the screen. The movie was a roller coaster in the middle of the desert. The last big attraction on this floor are the ropes at the very top of the room. Before you get on, you have to sign a waiver and then they will strap you to a harness. After being strapped in, they clip the harness to a rail that is located above you and that same rail is what prevents you from falling about 20 ft as you make your way on the ropes below you. You literally walk on the ropes that are hanging from the ceiling and you can walk around about 20 ft above all the games and people on this level. If you happen to lose your footing and fall off the ropes, you will hang there until you can get your footing back on the ropes or one of the employees who is up there will help you get back onto the ropes. From the third floor, you can take the elevator down or you can walk back down through all of the attractions. At the very bottom floor of the building, they have a small restaurant where you can purchase food, snacks, and drinks. They also have a gift shop to buy souvenirs. They also have a comedy show called Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show on the bottom floor starring Tony Brent. This is a separate charge but it is worth it. The show has all you can eat cheese and pepperoni pizza, salad, beer, wine, soda, and dessert. The magic show is amazing and hilarious. We were cracking up the entire time. The show times are 6:00pm and 8:00pm. Kids cost $19.99 and adults are $29.99. You do not have to buy tickets to WonderWorks to see the show. You can come for just the show or you can come for just the attractions or both. We did both. I recommend going to the 6pm show because afterwards you still have time to go back and see the rest of the attractions. I would definitely come back again. We came during spring break and the place was very busy. Also the later it is, the less people there are so you get to enjoy it more. They stay open late.

TripAdvisor user image

Mansfield, England, United Kingdom

"Such friendly staff"
TripAdvisor user rating 5 out of 5
Reviewed April 26, 2016 NEW

Spent an afternoon with our 2 grandchildren at WonderWorks, initially attracted by the upside down building but then found so many interesting & exciting activities to see or experience. The natural phenomena [earthquakes & winds] were a bit of a shock, the bed of nails = painfull. The sportsgames had to queue but worth the wait. We went into the lazer quest which our 11 year old grandson loved. Have to mention the girls on reception pleasant, professional & funny, especially Ana. Definitely go back as there was far too much to take in

TripAdvisor user image


"Bigger than you think"
TripAdvisor user rating 4 out of 5
Reviewed April 25, 2016 NEW

Pretty neat! Definitely something for all ages. The rope obstacle on the upper level is neat for everyone... do not wear a skirt! Can't do it if you do. Saw someone get rejected (appropriately). The laser tag is a lot of fun and worth spending the extra couple of bucks for the package. Definitely a great way to kill two to three hours.

TripAdvisor user image

Puyallup, Washington

"Overall this is fun experience for all ages!"
TripAdvisor user rating 4 out of 5
Reviewed April 23, 2016 NEW

They had a ton of activities for all ages, but the first things you see when you go in were a little unnerving for younger children. It was nice that anyone 3 and under is free because we had one that was 3 years old and she wasn't into all of the different exhibits, only some of them. But overall it was a lot of fun getting for all of us.

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Frequently Asked Questions about WonderWorks

How long does it take to tour the attraction?
Allow at least 3 – 4 hours but spend as much time as you like.

Can I bring food into WonderWorks?
No, outside food and drinks are not permitted inside WonderWorks.
Can I take pictures?
You can take pictures inside. Great photo spots in WonderWorks Orlando include: The Spacesuit, The Floating Circuit Head, Mercury Capsule, Hurricane Simulator, and more!
Where can I park?
Parking is available at the Pointe Orlando parking garage. Parking fees are $4.00 for the first hour, $2.00 each additional hour, no more than $10.00 per day.
What is the best way to dress for a day at the attraction? Is there any clothing that isn’t permissible?
WonderWorks is a casual, family-oriented attraction. We suggest you dress comfortably. Closed shoes are required for our ropes course. No skirts or dresses permitted on the ropes course. Please dress family friendly.
Is the attraction wheelchair accessible?
WonderWorks is equipped with elevators for wheelchairs and strollers.
Are there lockers?
Lockers are available for 75¢.
Can I exit the attraction and return later in the day?
Yes, a WonderWorks attraction ticket allows unlimited fun all day, come and go as you please.

Are there any height, weight or other requirements for any of the rides?
4D Theater Ride – Must be at least 40” ( 3'4" )
Wonder Coaster – Must be at least 48” ( 4' ) to participate.
Ropes Course – Must be at least 42" ( 3'6" ) with an adult or 48" ( 4' ) to participate alone. Maximum height is 80" ( 6'8” ). Closed shoes required. Maximum weight limit is 300 pounds.
Does WonderWorks serve food?
Yes, at the Works Café. Take a break and pull up a chair to enjoy the freshly hand tossed New York style pizza. Other menu items include chicken nuggets, hot dogs, french fries, soft pretzels, popcorn, hand-dipped ice cream, Pepsi products and more.
What is available in the WonderWorks gift shop?
The WonderWorks gift shop offers a fascinating collection of souvenir merchandise from postcards and t-shirts to mugs and hats. Old fashion rock candy comes in a variety of flavors and is sure to be a hit with the kids. If you like M&M’s, look no further, we have 21 different colors or simply satisfy your sweet tooth with a selection from our wall to wall bulk candy!

What if my child is under 3 years of age?
Children 3 and younger are more than welcome and are admitted free. 

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