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Ready for a heart pumping and high-flying adventure? Orlando Tree Trek Adventure puts you high in the tree tops where you’ll put your courage to the test as you navigate and complete obstacles such as suspended bridges, ziplines, swinging logs, balance boards, and more. While you’re 50-feet in the air, you’ll have the time of your life. With a course just for kids, you can bring the whole family!


from Orlando Tree Trek Adventure
Family owned and operated by the Lemieux and Barbusci families, Tree Trek Adventure Park welcomes guests to the thrills and excitement of an aerial adventure set in a natural 15-acre pine tree forest just minutes away from the Disney theme parks. At Tree Trek you’ll discover 97 aerial games for all ages and abilities that will challenge you and get your adrenalin pumping. The adventure begins when you check in at our Welcome Center where you’ll be outfitted for your climb and meet one of our trained Guides who will show you how to safely navigate our courses.

If you’re looking for thrills, you came to the right neck of the woods.
Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park is a progressively more challenging aerial obstacle course set high atop the trees in a natural pine forest. You’ll test your courage as you swing on Tarzan ropes, climb ladders 50-feet up, leap into hanging nets, cross wobbly suspended bridges, navigate swinging logs, balance on skate boards and soar through the trees on giant zip lines. As you gain new skills, you’ll advance from course to course, each one more exhilarating than the last. Our courses are securely suspended on specially designed poles set in our lush forest at 10 to 50 feet above the ground. We’ve even got special courses for little adventurers. So bring the family and come on out.

Hours of Operation: 2017
March 13th thru April 23rd
Monday thru Sunday
Open at 8:00 AM
First Departure: 8:30 AM
Last Departure: 2:00 PM

April 24th thru May 17th
CLOSED Monday - Wednesday
Thursday - Sunday
Open at 8:00 AM
First Departure: 8:30 AM
Last Departure: 3:00 PM

May 18th thru August 31st
Monday thru Sunday
Open at 8:00 AM
First Departure: 8:30 AM
Last Departure: 2:00 PM

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TripAdvisor Reviews
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Rick D
"Great Ropes course with lots of variety!"
TripAdvisor user rating 5 out of 5
Reviewed March 05, 2018
My brother and I, ages 62 and 58, did this ropes course and very much enjoyed it. It is strenuous on both legs and upper body, but is extremely safe. With two clip-ins, it is impossible to be in the air without being clipped in. It also starts at about 5 or 6 feet high and with 4 levels, ends at about 35 feet, so you can go as far as you feel comfy. Staff is around the course at all times, but for the most part, just lets you do the course by yourself and at your own pace. Great place to spend a couple hours.
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TripAdvisor user image
"Challenging and fun!"
TripAdvisor user rating 4 out of 5
Reviewed March 02, 2018
I actually signed up for this without reading carefully what was involved. Fortunately, I was dressed okay for the activity involved. I have never done a tree course like this - I don't have any fear of heights and I'm fairly fit, except for some lingering shoulder and back injuries. This is a very strenuous activity so I do recommend that you clearly understand what is involved. It is a lot of fun and will challenge almost everyone. Take your time, drink plenty of water and keep moving forward!
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TripAdvisor user image
Orlando, Florida
"Great place, great workout!"
TripAdvisor user rating 5 out of 5
Reviewed January 21, 2018
We have done several tree top ropes/zip courses and this one was by far the most challenging. There are 4 different courses that's included with the full adult price and each one is supposed to get more difficult. I would say, depending on your ability, they start off a little challenging and the first 3 do not in any way prepare you for the difficulty level of the 4th course. The staff are all very helpful and come to your rescue when you call for them to get coaching or help. They really try to get you through it and don't want to get you down because they will not let you go back up if you have to be rescued. I made it through all 4 courses which was a proud moment because I did find the last one to be extremely challenging, but I can't say I wasn't sore and bruised the next day. I had 4 kids with me ranging in age from 15-19 and they all loved this as well. The zip lines aren't as fun as some of the other courses because they are very flat so you almost have to push off to make it all the way across, but they are still fun none the less. There's one long zipline at the end that you can walk to as well, but again, many people don't make it across unless you push off and you will either have to pull yourself across or call for help and they will come rescue you. I can't say enough about the wonderful staff and the fun experience we had on this course. They also offer FL resident, military, and FL college student discounts with ID. I would highly recommend this event, it's a great workout and you have a great sense of accomplishment at the end. Also, the safety of this was awesome. They have a double clip system where one won't unlock until the 2nd is locked so there's no chance you can ever be up high without being locked in which I really liked. Also, just in case you wanted to know, they do not give you or require helmets and they do not give you gloves so you can either take your own, or they do offer gloves for $3 (with fingers cut out) and you do get to keep though which they don't tell you, but we found out by asking after buying my son a 2nd pair on our 2nd trip there. They also have a course for smaller kids to do that looked like fun but it's not near as big or take as long as the other courses.
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TripAdvisor user image
Drew C
The Woodlands, United States
"Great outdoor adventure just minutes from Disney"
TripAdvisor user rating 5 out of 5
Reviewed January 14, 2018
We love Orlando Tree Trek. This has become a "must do" attraction for our 13 year old whenever we are in the area. The staff is helpful and knowledgeable. The ropes courses are well thought out and we'll designed. Safety is an obvious top priority, but without sacrificing the challenge and adventure. We look forward to returning soon.
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TripAdvisor user image
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Family Reunion"
TripAdvisor user rating 5 out of 5
Reviewed January 06, 2018
My extended family and I visited Tree Trek (10 people). We all had such a great time. This was a fun, challenging, outdoor adventure that was well worth the money.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Orlando Tree Trek Adventure

What are the hours of operation?
Orlando Tree Trek Adventure opens daily at 8:00 am with groups departing every 30 minutes. Last departure time varies by season.

What courses can I participate in? 
Dependent upon age and height Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park offers:

  • Four (4) Adult Courses (12+) which includes a giant (425 ft) zip line.
  • Three (3) Junior Courses (9-11) which includes a giant (425 ft) zip line.
  • Two (2) Kids Courses (7-11)

How long does it take to complete the adult course?
Although you can end your adventure at any time, it will take you approximately 2 – 3 hours to complete the adult course which includes a brief training session.

How do I get started on a course?
When you have completed your waiver form, you’ll begin a brief group training session. At the training session, you’ll be fitted into your harness and your guide will show you how to attach yourself to safety lines and how to attach yourself to a zip line. Once your guide deems that you can safely use your equipment, you’ll be able to proceed onto your first course.

Is there a minimum age/height for accessing the children’s Yellow course?
Children must be a minimum of 7 years old. In order for children to be able to reach the safety lines and manage their way through the course, they must be able to reach the tips of the fingers to a height of 4'7″ (140 cm) while keeping their feet flat on the ground.

Are there age/height restrictions for the Adult and Junior Courses?
In order for guests (12+) to be able to reach the safety lines and manage their way through the Adult Course, they must be able to reach the tips of the fingers to a height of 5'11″ (180 cm) while keeping their feet flat on the ground. The height restriction for the Junior Course (9-11) is 5'9″ (175cm).

Is there a weight limit to participate?
We do not go by weight limit we go by waist size. You must have a 44-inch waist or smaller to be able to participate in our courses.

Can parents or guardians watch their children on the kids' courses?
At least one parent of guardians is required to supervise your child. There are walking paths that you can use to take memorable photos and memories.

Are there clothing requirements for the course?
Appropriate footwear and clothing are required for safety purposes:

  • No open-toed shoes
  • No slip-on shoes
  • No loose baggy clothing or shirts wrapped around the waist
  • Long hair must be tied back
  • Absolutely no jewelry – especially necklaces or loose bracelets which could get caught in equipment. 

We recommend that you wear clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty. Guests can be refused access to the course if they do not have appropriate clothing to meet our safety standards. Climbing gloves for guests are available at the counter for a $3.00 fee.

What if I don’t want to go on the course myself, but I want to watch my family/friends go on the courses?
There are walking trails along the course that allow you to walk and observe others as they use and progress through the courses.